Movement Props, Bags & Totes - Made in the USA

In the beginning, Janet (employed as a Subway “sandwich artist”) found herself creating sandwiches for a man, Christopher, on almost a daily basis. Phone numbers exchanged followed by fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska, walks on beaches, THE question on a Christmas Eve moonlit night.

Christopher and Janet of Bear Paw CreekFast forward a few years, and little man number one made them a family of three. Soon after, an adventurous trip down the ALCAN brought them to Springfield, Missouri.

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With a passion to create an income from home and inspired by her sister, Kathy Schumacher, MT-BC, Janet soon meshed her love of sewing with creating movement props, bags & totes for music therapists. Props & Bags, Etc began in 2000. In 2001 we picked up our first wholesale customer, and continued to add more through the years.

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Props & Bags, Etc founded in 2000

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Fast forward a few years (a few more children) and a greater vision, encompassing a family entrepreneurial spirit, in 2008 Christopher and Janet changed the name to Bear Paw Creek.

2012 brought more of the vision to fruition, with a move out of Springfield to 60 acres, and the beginning of the farm.

The sewing business continues to expand and grow, reaching more retail customers, along with a growing list of resellers, stateside and internationally.

Along with our dreams and aspirations, our family continues to grow as well…….