Bean Bag Groove Song

Check out this great blog post written by Maryann “Mar” Harman, BA Music/MA Education, founder of Music with Mar.  Here she discusses the wonderfully fun and educational bean bag.  An old fashioned toy that keeps on going!  Includes a code to download her wonderful Bean Bag Groove Song through January 31.

Bean Bags & A Song

 Who doesn’t like a bean bag?  Even as an adult, you get one in your hand and you begin squishing it.  They feel so….interesting.

Bean bags are one of the many things in early childhood that are thought of as ‘toys’ and yet they are so much more than that.  It’s almost as if ‘toy’ is a bad word, like there is no time for toys in early childhood.  We must help children get ready for school, not be treating them as if they are already there! (Remember?  It’s called “Preschool”.)  Toys are the tools of childhood.  It is with toys that many skills are developed because it is through play we learn how to navigate the world.  Bean bags are fun toys.  Let’s break down the things that are learned when playing with bean bags.

The first aspect is tactile.  Children are feeling them.  Squishing them.  Poking them. This helps to develop the FINE MOTOR SKILLS of the fingers.  When they push down on the beans in the middlle and they move, that’s SCIENCE!  They are learning displacement. When they toss a bean bag up in the air and it comes down, that’s gravity.  None of these concepts need to be named.  They can just happen while children’s brains get wired for understanding the concept when the time comes.

CLICK below to finish reading the post and get that free song!

Bean Bag Groove Song and Activity

CLICK to finish reading the blog post and get that free song!

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