Boom Tote To Carry Boomwhackers®

Back in 2012 Michelle Erfurt contacted me about helping sew up a supply of Boom Totes for her.  Michelle is a board certified music therapist, attempts to live a fulfilled life and sell the things she’s created along the way to helps her through it all.  She is trying to support music therapists by making connections, and sharing tips and resources.   After several samples sent and adjustments made, she was satisfied with the end result.  I am excited to be offering them here on our store to make it even easier for you to organize your life.

Here is what Michelle has to say about it:

Michelle Erfurt, Creator of the Boom Tote

Michelle Erfurt, Creator of the Boom Tote

I’m so happy to have the Boom Tote listed at the Bear Paw Creek store! I designed the Boom Tote because I had a set of Boomwhackers® and absolutely no way to get them to travel with me from patient to patient. I inherited a sewing machine and the ability to sew straight lines from my mother. So I bought some fabric and thread, sat down in front of my “new” sewing machine and created the Boom Tote. It has served me well through the years. Since then, I collaborated with Janet at Bear Paw Creek. She helped in adding details like the zippered pocket and secure lock closure to make the Boom Tote get to the next level. She is the official manufacturer of all Boom Totes so you can be sure that it is already of the highest quality. I am so thankful to have a product among the offerings at Bear Paw Creek. It feels amazing to have it on the shelves beside such wonderful products. I hope that you enjoy the Boom Tote! Start shopping for a Boom Tote of your very own here.

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