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Where to Find Bear Paw Creek #AMTA16



Another year is quickly flying by.  This week brings the annual music therapy conference. I’m excited to share where you’ll be able to find Bear Paw Creek’s movement props and instrument storage bags.


#amta16 giveaways from Bear Paw Creek

Music Therapy Ed Happenings

Kat from Music Therapy Ed reached out to us a few months ago to see if we wanted to give some giveaways again this year. Of course we did! 

They have a whole lot of fun going on and from videos show casing their booth in years past, it’s always a PARTY at their booth!  They are doing a scavenger hunt again and have lots of great giveaways lined up. Including t-shirts for the first 20 VIPs to stop by.  Read all about it in their post:   #AMTA16 Scavenger Hunt & Prize Details


You like our T-shirt design? We're giving away free T-shirts to the first 20 VIP subscribers who stop by our booth at #amta16. Will we see you there?




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Music Therapy Connections Excitement

It’s through Kat from Music Therapy Ed that I ever got connected with Rachel Rambach of Music Therapy Connections.  It’s been exciting support each other.  She provides great music to use with our props, and we supply the props!

This fall she released “Songs for Movement Props.”    This inspired me to put together a set of movement props that will be added to the site soon.  All of you attending the American Music Therapy Conference will get the first sneak peak at them!

The set will include 1 connect-a-stretchy band, Balloon Ball, set of 13 Chiffon Scarves, and a set of 4″ square bean bags.  The total MSRP is $80 but they will be 10% off at conference selling for $72. She will have limited supply of them available, so make sure to stop by.  They all work great with the songs as listed here:

  • “Stretch in the Morning”
  • “In a Circle”
  • “‘Round the Rainbow”
  • “Grow Flower Grow”
  • “Movin’ in the Circle”
  • “I Have a Beanbag”
  • “Beanbag in My Hand”
  • “Bop Bop the Balloon Ball”
  • “I Have a Balloon Ball”
  • “See the Scarf”
  • “Colors of the Rainbow”
  • “We’re Gonna Wave”

Movement Prop Set for Listen and Learn Music from Bear Paw Creek

So stop by at the Music Therapy Connections booth and sign up to win a set packaged in our “Music Therapy Makes a Difference” tote bag!







West Music

You will also be able to find more of our movement props at West Music’s booth.  They have been selling our products since 2001! 

They carry the stretchy band, bean bags, hoop and ribbon streamers, balloon ball, Qchord Gig Bag, and the Tone Chime Case.

Make sure to stop by and check them out and tell them you appreciate them supporting American Made products.  When you buy our products you are supporting USA based manufacturing and local small businesses.

Bear Paw Creek is thankful for our partnership with West Music for fifteen years.

Janet Stephens is the founder and creator behind Bear Paw Creek’s creative movement props and bags. She is passionate about learning and sharing along the way.

Is your guitar head covered? The Guitten does it for you!

Introducing the Guitten!

A few months ago, I heard about Jody Tucker and her creative guitar head cover – the Guitten.  Such an ingenious name.   Jody Tucker is a Board Certified Music Therapist and Owner of Access Music Therapy, LLC in Duluth, MN.  I contacted her to tell her I thought her product was awesome, and offered her a guest post if she ever wanted one. She took me up on it – so here it is!


Over the past 10 years, in my music therapy work with children with special needs and hospice patients, there were several times when I thought I needed something to protect the head of my guitar. I was concerned about the sharp strings injuring my clients if I lost control of the head of my guitar while working in close proximity.

Have you ever been sitting next to a client who was in a wheelchair, guitar on your lap, and you needed to assist them with the actions of a song?

Have you ever worked with a small child, had your guitar in hand ready to play, and the child reached for the tuning pegs?

During either of these situations, were you thinking about the safety of your client? Did you ever have a time when you lost control of the head of your guitar while with a client/student?

If you can say “yes” to any of these questions, then I have creatively hand-crafted a solution for you! A Guitten (patent pending). It’s a cover for the head of the guitar. It comes in a variety of adorable characters. The Guitten accomplishes the following points.

The Guitten

Just a few of the options.

It protects students/clients/patients from any possibility that the guitar head might get too close and possibly cause injury.
The Guitten hides the tuning pegs from curious little children who like to reach and re-tune your guitar.
If left on while in your soft case (gig bag), the Guitten will prevent the strings from tearing up the inside of your bag.
PLUS, the Guittens are designed as characters, such as flowers and animals, that can be interchanged to complement many session plan themes.
Put the Guitten to work for YOU! There are many creative, fun characters to choose from here.

Guittens are hand-crafted in Minnesota. Made to fit a standard guitar head.
Length: 8in. Width: 7in.

You can check her out here:  Website   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn  Pinterest

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