Creative Movement Scarves Activities

I don’t know about where you live but March brings wind, wind, and more wind here in Southwest Missouri!  Do to the encouragement of Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup, I started to carry sets of movement scarves a few years ago. They are a popular seller and also budget friendly.  They come in sets of 12, or thirteen.

Movement Scarf Set of 12, 6 colors

Here are a few songs we have been enjoying around our house. 

On this blog post, Miss Carole shares great inspiration for scarf activities.  Here is one of the songs she shares:

“Blow the Wind” by Carole Stephens  c.2012
Lyrics:  Blow the wind, blow the wind
            Blow the wind ’round.
            Blow the wind, blow the wind
            Down to the ground.
            Blow the wind, blow the wind
            Blow the wind high
            Blow the wind, blow the wind
            Let your scarf fly!  Wheeee!

Music with Mar shares this fun song from her newest album.


I enjoyed this one and is a great example of you your wee ones can join in music and movement time.


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