Janet from Bear Paw Creek just made this special Drawstring Bag order for me. Now all my props are organized by color, in these nice pack cloth (durable backpack material). I love the drawstring, as it has a sliding lock. No more eggies rolling out and no more tattered baskets (how do you sterilize baskets anyway ;-).

Organizing music and movement with drawstring bags
She also made me a clear tote bag, that I helped designed. I wanted to have a tote bag, with a clear outside pocket to insert marketing messages. This is perfect for marketing on the go!!! Now I can change my marketing message while shopping for groceries. Now that is multi-tasking!  I haven’t made an insert for it, but will post as soon as I do.
Clear Pocket Tote Bag for advertising, fliers, photo collage, brag bag
Since I have helped design the connect-a-band, many have been asking me what size to get and how many. I have decided to upgrade all my centers to four small connect-a-bands each. That way the teacher can adjust the size for each class.
You can even use it to create four small groups (I have used it for singing rounds and carpooling for “Ridin’ in the Car”. I can’t wait to connect ALL my scrunchie bands and use it for a large community event at the park!!!
BTW I do not receive any financial gain from Janet (the scrunchie and connect-a-band lady). I just LOVE her products and wanted to share.
Singing every day,
Cristal Garcia
Director of Early Start Music
“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand”~Stevie Wonder
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