I love this time of year, the cooler weather,  sights, smells, and the traditions we  take part of.  To celebrate, I am giving away a denim tote bag that is modeled after a brown paper sack. Here in Missouri we have Braums restaurants, that also sell milk. Since we have a large family, seven little ones, we buy quite a bit of milk at a time, and freeze it. Since they double bag it, we would end up with 28 brown paper bags a month! So, I designed the tote bag to carry two gallons of milk and have found other uses: trips to the grocery store, library, picnics, and beach. This giveaway can bless anyone.  Winner will be announced Friday, October 25.  You can enter everyday with multiple options!

Enter to win a Denim Tote Bag

I also added replacement tubing to the website this week. Since 2000, I have had a few people contact me with wanting to buy replacement tubing. The tubing does age and breakdown after awhile, and can break. Also, some have wanted to switch their original tubing out with latex-free. Both options are up on the site now.  Added bonus, you get a great workout installing it!

Recently we became a member of American Made Matters.   It’s an exciting time to be a manufacturer, as  jobs are coming back to American soil.  It’s a great feeling to be a small part of it.  Check it out!


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