Organizing with Drawstring Bags

Guest blog post by: Kathy Schumacher, MT-BC

When I started my career as a music therapist, I didn’t even know what it meant to be an itinerant.  Apart from the official definition, what it really means is that I need a way to keep my stuff organized as I travel from client to client.

Below is a recent picture of the most frequently used storage space in my office.  It may look a bit cluttered, but rest assured, it is completely organized.  I can also testify to the fact that this organization would not be possible without large quantities of fabric bags — primarily drawstring bags and large tote bags.

Organizing for itinerant Music Therapists

Let’s break it down.  Because I work part-time and primarily with kids who require a lot of visual aids, I keep a large tote bag packed for each 1:1 client.  I have other systems in place for my group sessions.

The tote bags are hanging on sturdy wooden hangers that are padded, made for infant clothing.  Once the large tote bags are removed, you can see all the drawstring bags (a little perk of having a talented sister who runs a sewing business).

Drawstring Bags

I often pick out fabric that is theme based to help me remember what is in each bag.  With this current closet, I also have labels above each cup hook.

Drawstring bags in use

I have used this cup hook and drawstring bag system in many traditional closets as well.  Here are some leftover cup hooks that are now being utilized by my offspring.

Tote Bag Storage

Last year for my birthday, I went through a bunch of my scrap fabric, delivered it to my sister and simply asked her to make some bags.  A “bag of bags” is what I got for my birthday and it couldn’t have made me happier–still does, actually.  It is so handy to have a stash of bags for personal and household use.  I highly recommend it!

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