Jingle Bell Movement Songs

Another fantastic video from music therapist and educator Margie La Bella from Music Therapy Tunes!

This video is featuring six songs that can be used with jingle bells.  You may have your own supply of jingle bells, or you can check out our jingle bells on a wrist scrunchie.     Great to use with bean bags too!

You can find all of Margie’s songs here!  Including 10 songs you can download for free!  Each of the first three songs can be purchased individually (links below) for $2 or you may want to purchase the whole album: Scarves, Ribbons, Beanbags, and Bells  a bargain for $7!

“Tap it on Your Head”  full music

“Tap it on Your Head” acapella

“Move it by Your Chair”

“Everybody Touch Your Head” full music

“Everybody Touch Your Head”  acapella

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