Joanne Lara of Autism Movement Therapy reviews Bear Paw Creek Products

A few months ago I heard about Autism Movement Therapy and sent Joanne Lara our new connect-a-band and some streamers.  I have been thrilled with her excitement and encouragement of our products.

Her story and journey is amazing and I love what she is doing. Here is just one testimony of many from her site that gives you a glimpse:

“Joanne Lara is a true expert in the field of autism. She has a remarkable knowledge, education and experience base from which she has developed and created Autism Movement Therapy as a new conceptual practice. This practice can assist children with autism by using movement to create both habit and brain chemistry changes. These important changes can assist children with help in reaching various milestones in their learning. I attended a workshop with her in Chicago, Illinois in March 2010 where I was able to see her fully engage young autistic students. Her rapport and professionalism with parents is also highly noteworthy. I highly recommend both Joanne Lara and Autism Movement Therapy.”
Bob Hudson, MA, M Ed
Intervention Specialist–Special Education & Gifted
K-1st Grade Autism & Multiple Exceptionalities
Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD)


She recently sent me some pictures and this review:

“Bear Paw Creek products are simply a must for every classroom teacher, service provider and anyone interested in making sensory development for our kids with special needs FUN!” Joanne Lara, Founder Autism Movement Therapy, Inc

Autism Movement Therapy Bear Paw Creek connect-a-band and streamers Autism Movement Therapy Bear Paw Creek connect-a-band and streamers








Check out the video below and visit her youtube channel for more videos featuring Joanne and her wonderful organization. Check out her facebook page for more updates.

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