Large Motor Skills and the Stretchy Band

Here are two large motor skills activities to use with the stretchy band or Connect-a-Band.  These come straight from The Inspired Treehouse’s post a few weeks ago.  Enjoy! 6- Inside/Outside – Need a little coordination work?  With the Connect-a-Band clipped together in a circle, secure it low to the floor between two heavy objects that won’t move.  Have the child jump into and out of the stretchy band either one foot at a time, or with two feet together.

9 – Step Over – This last one is awesome for leg strengthening.  Have the child stand inside the Connect-a-Band with the band around her ankles, pushing against the resistance.  Have her step one leg out of the band, then back in, stretching the band apart again.  Then repeat with the other leg.  See the video for a quick demonstration.  

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