Libraries and the Stretchy Band

I recently completed a 400 tote bag order for a library in North Carolina.  They were our clear pocket tote bag with some additions:  custom embroidery and a zippered top.  It took me several tries to get the zippered top satisfactory, but I am pleased with the end results and will be adding them to the site soon.  I love the clear pocket tote bag for my own use, and having it be zippered just raised it’s likability to even greater heights!

I have also been receiving more orders from libraries, some here in Missouri and others across our country.  The most popular items they order are the stretchy band and connect-a-band.  You can read about a post I did on my personal love of libraries.

I recently found this blog post featuring some wonderful activity suggestions by a librarian with the stretchy band or connect-a-band.

libraries and the stretchy bandFinish reading the rest of the post with activity/song suggestions  here.


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