QCHORD MISHAPThis past week I was working on my Q Chord Gig Bag stock.  While sewing and shopping for new tires at the same time, I sewed this old warranty to the back of the pocket! Got a good chuckle out of me.

I also have been looking for a new supplier for my fabric, as my current one has had it out of stock for a few months.  In my 13 years of running this business, I  have never been quoted a price for domestic vs. imported fabric.  The difference, $1.47 more for made in America.  Yep, I went with domestic.

I am becoming more passionate about using made in America components in all our products.  It really is possible to buy America made, if we are intentional.

My recent drawstring bag promo was shipped in made in USA envelopes. May seem small, but it all adds up.

Keep your eye out for our label and logo, and hopefully you won’t find any paper sewn into anything 😉 It made me think it might be fun to intentionally sew some coupons or give-aways in the product and see who ends up with them!  What do you think?

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