Yarn Basket for Storage


Hand made yarn baskets are a great addition for your home or classroom to store small instruments, toys, or movement props in. Made with 100% cotton yarn that will wash and wear well. These are sure to become a favorite accessory.

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We are excited to offer a new way to store your instruments, movement props, toys and anything else you might find our new yarn baskets useful for.  As with all our products, these were requested by a customer.

You know what would be amazing for Bear Paw Creek to offer? Storage baskets! For instruments and scarves! Natural baskets- with cloth liners, or made of soft rag, or crochet (crocheted? Hard to make past tense!):
Seems like ALL teachers could use something like this. I’m surrounded by plastic here- yuck!!!
We are excited to bring you “Baskets by Sara”, hand created by my daughter-in-luv, Sara.  These baskets are hand made, so will have variations of color.  We are currently offering three sizes but will do custom orders as well.



Small  – 8″ wide x 7″ tall      
MSRP:  $20                                             
Medium –  10″ wide x 8″ tall  
MSRP:  $30                                      
Large – 12″ wide x 9″ tall
MSRP:  $35


Set of 3 Baskets
MSRP:  $70

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Small, Medium, Large, Set of 3


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