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The balloon ball is a great movement prop to add to your home, classroom, or clinic.  You place a balloon through the slit on the bottom, blow it up, tie it off, tuck in the tail…and the fun begins!  Choose from the original rainbow ball or one of our fun themed balls!


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Rainbow Balloon Ball – $20

The original fabric balloon ball cover is made out of cotton/poly broadcloth in bright rainbow colors. You place a balloon through the slit on the bottom, blow it up, tie it off, and tuck in the tail…and the fun begins!

Balloon Ball OpeningOriginal Rainbow Balloon Ball

This is great for little ones to learn how to catch and throw as it is so light weight.  With the lightness and softness of this ball it’s great to kick around without worrying about somebody getting hurt.  All balloons come with warnings about the danger of choking, with the fabric covering the balloon, it makes it safer to play with. Children should always be supervised with any balloon product.  Put it on a parachute and watch it  bounce up and down!

All balloon ball include two balloons and an activity guide.

Here is a wonderful song written by Rachel Rambach just to go with Bear Paw Creek’s balloon ball!

Balloon Ball

Sticky Bubble Gum Balloon Ball – $22   with CD – $35

Presenting a custom made balloon ball with a fun logo inspired by Miss Carole’s famous Sticky Bubble Gum song.

I am proud to be able to offer her cd along with the balloon ball. You can take a listen and see the other great songs included on this award winning album by clicking here.

sticky-bubble-gum-with-cd Sticky Bubble Gum Balloon Ball

Pumpkin Balloon Ball – $22

The pumpkin balloon ball was the idea of our son in the fall of 2014 and has quickly become quite popular. It has also lead to other unique balloon ball creations.  You can see some of the possibilities in these two blog posts: Pumpkin Songs and Activities and Pumpkin Balloon Ball Jack O’Lantern

Pumpkin Balloon Ball

Fabric Choice May Vary













Watermelon Balloon Ball – $22

The watermelon balloon ball was a summer edition.  The beautiful fabric created by Timeless Treasures was the inspiration behind this balloon ball.  You can read a fun post with ideas how to use it in this post. Watermelon Balloon Ball






Snow Balloon Ball – $22

Inspired by Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup – some great songs/ideas to be shared soon.  Catch that snowball and let it snow!

Snow Balloon Ball












Valentine Balloon Ball – $22

Inspired by the month of love, a fun ball with hearts all over it. Give a little love!

Valentine Balloon Ball







St. Patrick’s Day – $22

St. Patrick's DayBalloon Ball







Flower Balloon Ball – $22

Flower Balloon Ball








Acorn Balloon Ball – $22

Acorn Balloon Ball














Apple Balloon Ball – $22

Apple Balloon Ball



2 reviews for Balloon Balls

  1. Vicki Gross

    I absolutely love the balloon ball. This is the handiest ball I have ever
    had. I can just blow up a balloon, use the balloon ball in a group session, then deflate it and store it until my next group. It is not the big, bulky ball that I used to take along. I don’t have to worry if someone misses a pass or catch that they will get a ball on the head or face or whatever. With the balloon ball, it is a light bounce. It takes the fear from the playing ball, especially in my elderly groups. I use the ball for self-control: Pass the balloon ball only on a specific word in a song, such as, “She’ll Be Comin’ Around The Mountain” or “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” Pass the ball to ……………… for peer recognition, social interaction, memory skill, etc.

  2. Tracey Barker

    I received a balloon ball for my daughters birthday and we love it. I love the way it makes balloons a safe option for even the youngest children. I was afraid to give balloons to the younger children before because I worried about them popping and the children choking on the little pieces. This product eliminates these worries for me. It also makes a nice light weight ball for little ones to play with.

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