Indoor Snowball Movement Prop Set

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Sometimes there isn’t enough snow, not the right kind of snow, or it’s too windy and cold – what do you do?

We’ve got the answer!  Bear Paw Creek’s new Snowball Movement Prop Kit + Kids = Indoor Snowball Fight

30 snowball poofs come in a drawstring bag, purchase with or without the cd. The cd is another of Miss Carole’s fabulous creations and she is the inspiration behind our snowball movement prop set. Her song “The Freeze” sets the stage for a snowball freeze fight!



Indoor Snowball Movement Prop Set w/cd – $40    or without – $30

You will get 30 snow balls in a mesh drawstring bag.  You also have the option of purchasing the wonderful “Dancing Feet” cd.  This has has 18 songs on it.  So you won’t only get “The Freeze” you will have 17 more to inspire movement at home or in your classroom. 

“The Freeze” is the inspiration behind the indoor snowball set.  It will inspire you to get moving and burn off some of that extra energy we get from “cabin fever” in the winter.   Pair this set with books about snow, make paper snowflakes, and have an indoor snowball fight!

Snowball Movement Prop Set+ Kids = Indoor Snowball Fight







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Indoor Snowball Movement Prop Set

With Dancing Feet cd, No cd

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    First I purchased a set of snowballs for my own classroom and was so happy with the quality of them that I purchased a second set for my son’s classroom. They come in a drawstring bag which helps keep them organized. Catching and throwing snowballs help develop a child’s gross motor skills. The children love to toss them and the good news is that when someone gets hit by a snowball they don’t get hurt. They are perfect for indoor snowball fights and for playing games like messy backyard. Thank you Janet for another great product. Thank you Carole for inspiring Janet!

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