Movement Prop Set


Bear Paw Creek + Listen & Learn = Win for You!

This movement prop set includes a connect-a-stretchy band, balloon ball, bean bags, and a set of chiffon scarves. Combine that with the 12 songs that Listen & Learn put out and you will be able to get your kids learning and moving, all while having fun!

The songbook features lead sheets and recording for 12 songs written for use with movement props and in addition to getting kids moving and grooving, they also address skills such as color identification, taking turns, body and spatial awareness, directions, and many more.

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Movement Prop Set

This movement prop set was inspired by the release of Listen & Learn’s “Songs for Movement Props” and the songs were inspired by Bear Paw Creek’s products!  Don’t you love how connections and relationships work like that?  We all benefit from it!  This package is the perfect way to start some music and movement with children, or add to your already existing program.

  • Small Set for up to 6 children = 1 connect-a-stretchy band, 6 square bean bags, balloon ball, and set of 6 chiffon movement scarves
  •  Medium set for up to 12 children = 2  connect-a-stretchy bands, 12 square bean bags, balloon ball, and set of 13 chiffon movement scarves
  • Large set for up to 18 children = 3 connect-a-stretchy bands, 18 square bean bags, balloon ball, and set of 19 chiffon movement scarves
  • XL set for up to 24 children = 4 connect-a-stretchy bands, 24 square bean bags, balloon ball, and set of 25 chiffon movement scarves
  • If you have larger groups, please reach out to us and we can customize your order:

12 songs for Bear Paw Creek movement props

The songbook is made up of 4 sections, one for each of the different movement props for which the songs were written. Refer to the description page at the beginning of each section for implementation ideas, or feel free to come up with your own!

Songs include:

  • “Stretch in the Morning”
  • “In a Circle”
  • “‘Round the Rainbow”
  • “Grow Flower Grow”
  • “Movin’ in the Circle”
  • “I Have a Beanbag”
  • “Beanbag in My Hand”
  • “Bop Bop the Balloon Ball”
  • “I Have a Balloon Ball”
  • “See the Scarf”
  • “Colors of the Rainbow”
  • “We’re Gonna Wave”

This songbook includes not only the lyrics and chords for each song, but also recordings and song directions. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to begin including these songs in your own classes and sessions!

Click here if want order the music directly from Listen & Learn.



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Movement Prop Set

Small Set with Music, Medium Set with Music, Large Set with Music, XL Set with Music, Small for up to 6 children (no music), Medium for up to 12 children (no music), Large for up to 18 children (no music), XL for up to 24 children (no music)


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