Start Using Stretchy Bands for Creative Movement & Music Enrichment Today

Music therapists are in on the secret. They know how much fun it is to use stretchy bands for creative movement and music enrichment.  

We all know that getting people to move can be a challenge. Do you need a tool to get your group moving and smiling?

Get in on the secret; use stretchy bands!

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Stretchy bands add value to your group activities in three ways.

  1. They strengthen gross motor skills.

Gross motor movements are driven by the larger muscles in your body. Muscles work together with your nervous system, senses, and brain. We think of this as coordination.  

These bands develop strength. The resistance builds muscle and improves coordination. Your body and mind work together to compensate for the pull of the stretch band.

If you’re using the bands to help kids develop their gross motor skills, make sure you don’t tell them all this! Because to them, stretchy bands are a fun way to get moving and if you make it sound too much like work, they may lose interest. Pile a bunch of stretchy bands in the middle of the room, keep the focus on fun, and you’ll see that they won’t take any convincing to dive right in and play with the bands!

  1. They enrich music and dancing experiences.

Dancing can increase your awareness of the music through the motion of your body. It’s exhilarating,  makes your blood pump, and it keeps you fit. Incorporating stretchy bands adds a fun tactile element to creative movement and music.

  1. They sharpen social skills through community building.

When you have your group work with a shared stretchy band, they’ll feel and see the effect of their actions on others. Those who are stronger, learn to be gentle in their motions and prevent those beside them from being pulled and knocked down. Being physically linked helps everyone learn to be considerate as they take part in these group activities.  

This benefit isn’t just for little kids either. Teens and adults can also have fun learning to work together using the stretchy bands as well. For any group, you can set up an obstacle course to move through while they hold on to the stretchy band as a team.

  1. They encourage attentive listening.

In group activities with the stretchy band, because teamwork means everything, it encourages attentiveness. They feel satisfied when a task has been accomplished together. This reward is enough to encourage listening skills. When the kids form a star shape together with this tool, they enjoy the benefit of listening together..

The Connect a Band system at Bear Paw Creek is unique.

Connect-a-Stretchy Band collage

It uses attachments to open and shut the stretchy band. This enables you to assemble the bands in all these ways:

  •        One large circle.
  •        A straight line.
  •        In individual rings of varying sizes.

You may also buy a central hub for attaching them,  like spokes on a wheel.

Lauren and Claire, at The Inspired Treehouse, have reviewed these bands. They recommend including stretchy bands in a Gross Motor Skills Kit for kids (nice to have on a rainy day, and a wonderful gift idea!).

But don’t forget that stretchy bands aren’t only for kids. All ages can enjoy them just as well:

  1.       At home (outside or in)
  2.       In class (work out the wiggles in little kids)
  3.       During youth group (for a versatile tool)
  4.       At any social event (for “ice breakers”)

Order some stretchy bands today and share the ways you’ve used them to add fun and movement to your group activities.



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