Winter Wonderland Movement Prop – $25 (sale $20)

I had fun sewing up these new movement props this past weekend.  These were inspired by singing “Jingle Bells” one day, and thinking about how fun that would be to add into our movement props.  The “Winter Wonderland” set includes six: three wrist streamers, with white, shimmery, and silver ribbons, along with three jingle bell scrunchies.  We had our first peek of snow yesterday, so perhaps I sang “Let It Snow” a wee bit too much while sewing them!

Winter Wonderland Pack

In other news, we have had more exciting projects and customers come our way.  Bear Paw Creek recently had a shipment of Stretchy Bands head to Singapore to Our Music Classroom.  I recently created a new carrying bag for  Malmark’s Choirchimes.  Exciting to be paired up with another great made in America business.  Also, our great Canadian customers have our products flying off of Empire Music‘s shelves.  I have a few more “projects” in the background, and will hopefully be announcing those soon.

Drawstring Bag Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving!

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