Stretchy Band movement and music activity to “The Grand Old Duke of York”

Stretchy Band Movement and Music Activity to “The Grand Old Duke of York

Toneworks Music Therapy  released this blog post back on June 2,2014 and  I wanted to make sure you had this new movement and music activity added to your library of ideas!

I love this quote from the blog post: “One of the reasons I love the stretchy band is that promotes working together for kids of all abilities. Kids can hold on with one hand, two hands, or use velcro bracelets to assist with palmar grasping. You can also adapt this song for participants that are sitting in a circle. For upward motions hold it above the head, middle is around the chest, and down in resting on the knees. To mix up the activity, we practice moving slowly, or for more of a challenge them, slowly increase the speed each time you sing it.”For the month of July we will be giving a way one free USA hoop streamer to celebrate Fourth of July and Made in America!

Read the complete blog post with instructions here.


So check out the stretchy band and don’t forget the new connect-a-band.

We are giving away a USA hoop streamer with every order in July 2014!

Free USA streamer with every order July 2014

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