American Music Therapy Association Conference


The American Music Therapy Association Conference is in our backyard this year and I sure wish I was attending in person. I am looking forward to meeting many of those that will be there – someday.  The other part that makes this more personal, is that the location is a place I have looked at on all our treks to Children’s Mercy Hospital for our daughter’s cancer treatments.

I am so excited about the opportunities Bear Paw Creek will be part of at the conference this year. So if you’re going, I hope you’ll find us there in the following ways.

Take-A-Chance Ticket Prize Donation

We donated three “Music Therapy Makes a Difference” bags of movement props/cd to the following: “AMTA will be offering its conference attendees an opportunity to “win” a prize through “Take-A-Chance” tickets bidding.  Participants will be able to purchase “chances” to win one of our big ticket items that will be prominently displayed during our Opening Session event.  All proceeds from the “Take-A-Chance” ticket bids will go to support AMTA’s mission of public education and awareness.”

#AMTA15 Donation


We are supporting the Cadenza 5K to raise awareness for music therapy and support for student scholarships.  This happens on Saturday, November 14 at 8 p.m. and I can’t wait to see pictures from this fun event. 

Michelle Ss

Innovations in Music Therapy Interventions – Strategies
for Adapting Music

I sent Michelle four connect-a-bands and hub to play with and I’m looking forward to see the creative way she incorporates it.  Here is the information on that.

Room: Chicago C
Presenter(s): Laurie Farnan, MMT, WMTR, MT‑BC; Michelle Schumacher,
This presentation will explore innovative strategies for adapting
popular and classical music to meet client goals. Methods and
strategies of pre-listening will be explored to identify and find
repeated sections of melody, rhythm or lyrics. Selected instruments
will be suggested for optimal interaction and active participation
to meet client goals.


Not quite sure where they will pop up, but Brianna over at The MT Marketplace and her Tribe sure have some fun goings on happening, and we sent connect-a-bands and a hub over for them to play with.  Will add more as the information comes out.

West Music

Since 2002 our products have been exhibited by West Music at all the national conferences, and some regional conferences as well.  I hope you’ll stop by and enjoy seeing them, and while your at it, tell them you appreciate them carrying our USA manufactured products!

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