BPC Insiders Facebook Group

Bear Paw Creek Insiders Facebook Group

About a month ago I started a closed group on Facebook.  If you participate in groups on Facebook, you will surely know the value and connections you get from them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge and encouragement I have received from the groups that I participate in.

I am hoping it will be a place where lovers of  Bear Paw Creek products can share the creative ways they are using our products, so we can all benefit from each other. Also for input and advice on product creations and take part in special giveaways and know about sales.

Bear Paw Creek Insiders Facebook Group

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I am thrilled with the sharing that has been going (as of this writing only 35 members) and I hope it will grow and become a valuable resource and encouragement to many. I hope you’ll come join us and invite others to join as well!

If you aren’t a part of Facebook yet, I hope to be able to share some of the ideas on our blog so you won’t miss out completely.  You might want to consider getting on Facebook to join in some groups though!

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