Margie La Bella reviews Bear Paw Creek’s hoop scarf streamers and scarves

Marge La Bella reviews Bear Paw Creek’s hoop scarf streamers and scarves

A few years ago Margie La Bella contacted me about her cd collection.  Here is a little information about her:

Margie La Bella, a music therapist and educator, began her career with the clarinet at age 9. Soon after she discovered that she could play by ear and that she liked to sing- and sing harmony! She began composing and performing in her early teens. Music has always been a “bright light” in her life: a source of joy, expression, connection and healing. She chose music therapy as a profession because she has seen the power of music and wants to share that with others’ hearts and minds.

Margie completed her music therapy internship in 1987 and promptly established the music therapy program with the children at the Leeway School where she continues to work. She has since obtained a master’s degree in special education.

Her CD series Move!Sing! Play Along and Learn! is a collection of original participation-based songs and dances designed to spark the imagination, playfulness, and language learning (expressive, receptive, and auditory/listening) of children. It is available to parents, grandparents, teachers, special education centers, therapists, music/dance/gym instructors and all those who are young at heart.

You can read the rest of her story on the  About The Artist page.

 Recently I sent her some of our products to see if she had any song suggestions or activities she’d recommend. She went above and beyond and offered to make some videos including our products!  Here is the  link to the song featured in the video and make sure to check out her music that she offers in cd form and digitally.


Creative Movement Chiffon Scarf Sets

Creative Movement Scarf Sets Now Available

I am excited to announce that we are now carrying sets of 25″ chiffon squares.  These have been requested for several years and I finally listened!

The scarves are 25″ unhemmed chiffon that come in sets of 13 in a drawstring bag. It  includes two of each color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue,  purple and one white teacher/leader scarf.  Scarves can add a whole new dimension to your creative movements.

Chiffon Scarf Set of 13 with storage bag

13 Scarf Set – $20


Movement Scarves in Bag

Mesh Drawstring bag can be carried as a backpack or over the shoulder. Will fit multiple sets of scarves.


We are also offering an add on pack of 12 scarves for $15. This will help those that need more for group activities.

Movement Scarf Set of 12, 6 colors

I am discovering all kinds of activities and ways to use the scarves. If  you have any to share, send them our way! I will add them to our pinterest board all about scarf movement activity ideas.

Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup wrote  a wonderful blog post about using scarves.  She says this activity is great for, “Gross motor skills, cross-lateral movement, spatial awareness, and coordination – all in one little song!”  Check it out: “Blow the wind – with scarves”

Here is a song Rachel Rambach wrote for scarves.

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