Using Songs and Props in Preschool

Using Songs and Props in Preschool



This post is going to be showcasing music ideas for movement props, especially with preschoolers and Pre-K.

I personally use music and props in our circle time at home. I have been doing some form of circle time since my oldest child was born eighteen years ago.  Before we had children of our own, one of my jobs that greatly influenced me was my work at Creative Play and Preschool in Soldotna, Alaska.

This is the first place I lead circle time. I wish I had all of Bear Paw Creek‘s props back then!

Using Music and Props for Preschool

Karen from PreKinders List of Songs and Props

I highly recommend Karen from PreKinders resources. I am always inspired be her emails and blog posts.  I came across her post on the music she recommends and a great list of props to use with them.  Letters, foam alphabet, money cups, castanets, bean bags, scarves, egg shakers and more. She has ideas for every type and music suggestions to use with them.

Go read all about on her blog post called Using Songs and Props in Pre-K!

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Bear Paw Creek Movement Props and Song Ideas

Janet Stephens is the founder and creator behind Bear Paw Creek’s creative movement props and bags. She is passionate about learning and sharing along the way.


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