10 Gift Ideas for Christmas

Have you considered buying American made gifts?



Have you bought Christmas presents for your loved ones yet? I’ve got a great line-up of gifts you can buy this year, which are made in the U.S.A.

From little kids to adults and grandparents, scroll down for a bit of inspiration this giving season.

Christmas Gift Ideas Made in the U.S.A.

A tip for buying good gifts.

Lately, in my gift giving, I’ve tried to ask myself two questions:

  1. What is something that will make this person feel special?
  2. What is something that might last and will be used most every week?

I have to tell a story on my husband: One year, he got me a rice cooker for my birthday.

I confess, I was pretty underwhelmed at the time. But we usually fixed rice once a week at our house and I had boiled it over more than a few times, so he really thought I would appreciate it. Turns out, of all the presents I’ve received, that rice cooker is one of my all time favorites. I use it to this day (almost 20 years later).

So, gift giving can be pretty unpredictable and tricky at times, can’t it?

Nevertheless, we do the best we can 🙂 ! We desire to  bless the people who receive our gifts because we love them!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Who do you bless with your Christmas purchases?

Of course, you bless the person who receives your gift. However, do you realize how much you bless the person you buy it from?

Maybe not, because often we have no idea who made the gift we’re purchasing and we often don’t know the owners at the stores we shop in.

Now there’s no doubt that as you buy anything, you’re blessing a bunch of people down the line in big or small ways. Would you like to bless your neighbor or someone who’s a “neighbor” to you by buying a gift for your loved one, which has been made in America?


I feel positive about buying imports from around the world, but I’m also very positive about the idea of boosting our economy in the U.S. and in our local communities… How about buying made-in-the-U.S.A. presents this Christmas? I’ve been thinking about the possibility that my purchase (if made in November and early December) might even help another family afford gifts for their families this Christmas.

Instead of fretting about our local and national economy this year, let’s try buying Christmas gifts made in the U.S.A! 


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A list of 10 (made in the U.S.A.) Christmas gift ideas.

This is a list of websites I’ve collected with great Christmas gift options which are made in the U.S.A.  Be sure to bookmark the ones that interest you:

  1. Fiesta Dinnerware for your favorite hostess, who loves to use them to serve her guests at parties. They have stand alone pieces or you can buy pieces to extend a set she already has.
  2. Buy socks for your loved ones who always steal yours because their toes are cold. You can take a shop online at Fox River, the home of the original Sock Monkey, for a huge variety of fun and quality socks.
  3. Portland General Store has unique and natural gift collections for the men in your life, from beard oil to  shaving kits.
  4. AMM_300dpi_tranparent_optI love hats and I love them best in the winter time when they keep my head cozy (which somehow keeps the rest of me warm as well.) I especially love these hats because they are well made, classic, fun and attractive. First, check out Stormy Kromer Caps and tell me if they don’t make you think of a Norman Rockwell painting in winter. Then hop on over to Yellow 108 to check out their Made in America, Fedora Collection… Just classy, for the person in your life with a sense of style. Last, but not least is the Bollman Hats company founder of American Made Matters. Watch this video about Bollman Hat’s success with creating 20 more jobs in their area: Bollman Hats WordPress.
  5. Council Tool creates tough tools for the person in your life who likes to make and fix things. They’re celebrating 130 years of manufacturing and they have a reputation to uphold in their product.
  6. I heard about this bike from a friend. It’s a great first bike for little kids from Heritage Bicycles. It’s called a Bennett Balance Bike and it’s made from recycled milk crates… got to love that! It’s sturdy and it teaches balance (I’ve heard it’s fun and much better than a bike with training wheels.) Keen Bean Coffee Roasters Mt. Vernon, MO
  7. Janet and I enjoy Keen Bean, Coffee Roasters (and coffee shop).  It’s been too long since I’ve been able to drop in there (Janet, we’re due for a treat!). You can order from them online for your coffee lover (or yourself). While you’re on their website, read their family’s story about coming home to the Ozarks to raise their family and share their love of coffee.
  8. Janet just recently introduced me to Piccadilly Bath and Body. Owned by Laura, Piccadilly Bath and Body offers soaps, lotions and more, handmade by her. I love the scent and look of her products. Better yet, if you’re anywhere near Springfield, MO or Stockton, MO, it’s worth the drive out there to see her store. She’s friendly and her property is beautiful and relaxing (great family photo opportunities).
  9. Maggie Mae's Miller, MOSpeaking of shopping in a great environment, if you’re anywhere in Southwest Missouri, you should know of a little bed and breakfast, tea shop, and store called Maggie Mae’s in Miller, Missouri (Facebook.com Maggie Mae’s Tea Room). They have tea, quiches, sandwiches, soups and such delicious desserts that it’s very hard to choose which one to splurge on at the end of a meal. Of course to Christmas shop at Maggie Mae’s, you’re going to have to go there. If you don’t live out in the Ozarks, I’m sure there’s a place, like Maggie Mae’s, near you. They would love to treat you and have your business. Look around your neighborhood and nearby towns to support the businesses in your community.
  10. Rebecca’s Bird Gardens sells whimsical bird houses, bird feeders, and hummingbird feeders for the garden and nature lover in your life. Rebecca makes each of these by hand. I don’t have the words to describe the playfulness and beauty each of her pieces embody. You’ll just have to take a look. 


Bonus idea!

Movement Prop Set for Listen and Learn Music from Bear Paw Creek

Click to learn more!

Buy Bear Paw Creek’s fun and colorful Movement Props as a Christmas present! These Streamers, Bean Bags and Stretchy Bands are made locally, here in the Ozarks, in Missouri.






You’ll be encouraging healthier and happier kids (and adults!)

Stretchy Bands

Because children need to move and so do we!

Those were my Christmas gifts suggestions; I’d love to hear yours!

A bunch of my suggestions came from Southwest Missouri, my neighborhood. I’m sure you have some great businesses for us to consider from around your neighborhood. I’d love to hear your suggestions. Drop us a line in the comments here and tell us about your favorite local businesses. While you’re at it, share this post and let’s give businesses in the U.S.A a boost this season!

Merry Christmas!

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