Creative Movement Chiffon Scarf Sets

Creative Movement Scarf Sets Now Available

I am excited to announce that we are now carrying sets of 25″ chiffon squares.  These have been requested for several years and I finally listened!

The scarves are 25″ unhemmed chiffon that come in sets of 13 in a drawstring bag. It  includes two of each color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue,  purple and one white teacher/leader scarf.  Scarves can add a whole new dimension to your creative movements.

Chiffon Scarf Set of 13 with storage bag

13 Scarf Set – $20


Movement Scarves in Bag

Mesh Drawstring bag can be carried as a backpack or over the shoulder. Will fit multiple sets of scarves.


We are also offering an add on pack of 12 scarves for $15. This will help those that need more for group activities.

Movement Scarf Set of 12, 6 colors

I am discovering all kinds of activities and ways to use the scarves. If  you have any to share, send them our way! I will add them to our pinterest board all about scarf movement activity ideas.

Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup wrote  a wonderful blog post about using scarves.  She says this activity is great for, “Gross motor skills, cross-lateral movement, spatial awareness, and coordination – all in one little song!”  Check it out: “Blow the wind – with scarves”

Here is a song Rachel Rambach wrote for scarves.

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