Macaroni Soup Specials

I am so excited to be collaborating with Carole Stephens of Macaroni Soup!  She has such a passion for what she does and draws one in from her vivacious personality.  She has been the driving force behind adding a teacher/leader streamer and behind our new scarf sets.  She recently sent me her seven award winning cds – and they are fabulous. My kids love to listen to them.


Miss Carole says,

“Children learn by moving through their environment, and music helps them MOVE! Active music participation promotes tip-top brain and body growth and provides opportunities for children of all abilities to work on social, emotional and physical skills. It also facilitates the acquisition of early literacy skills: rhyme, pattern, sequence, vocabulary, crossing the midline, rhythm, tracking – and more!”

Carole travels and puts on concerts for children and also workshops for early childhood educators.  She has been bringing the following Bear Paw Creek products with her: medium stretchy band, ribbon scarf streamers, and scarf sets.  She sells them individually and has also created some great Macaroni Soup specials!  She also has her seven award winning cds with her and a few other fun props she has come up with.  It’s not surprising with her fabulous teaching style and enthusiasm she continually sells out of them, so we’re offering them online as well to bring that savings to you.  You’ll see below – it’s a great deal for you!


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