I love the QChord bag. I always hated carrying around the hardcase that the QChord comes with. Took up a whole hand and when you’re a travelling therapist, one hand is very valuable. So the over the shoulder strap is a must. LOVE IT!! Very sturdy too.

Tom Brefka MT-BC

LOVE Janet and her products! I purchased a stretchy band from her not too long ago and it is SUPER high quality (and she shipped it right away)!

Rachel See MA, MT-BC

Love the dance ribbons!

Keri Bowers

These bags are a *must have* for any traveling therapist. Or anyone who just likes to stay organized. I like to have a different print for each type of instrument and other props.

Kathy Schumacher MT-BC

The goody bag arrived! WOWSA! I can’t wait to try some of these items – I’m especially excited by the ribbons – they look excellent! The bells are great! Everything comes so neatly in bags that breathe – a big plus! I’ll be trying things out with the kids soon! ANYHOO – in order to use the ribbon streamers with my classes, I’ll need more. They are exceptionally well-made – and lovely bright colors! I like the cloth handles alot! Oh oh – I just want to go play with the new toys, and not have to work! But I guess that’s what being a grown-up is all about, eh?

Carole Stephens - Macaroni Soup

Janet is so dedicated to creating *exactly* what her customers want. She puts her heart and soul into her business, and it shows! Her customers (including me) absolutely love her, her work, and her constant efforts to make us super duper happy. I speak on behalf of the entire field of music therapy when I say “WE LOVE YOU JANET!”

Kat Fulton MM, MT-BC

Love the versatility & quality of construction of the Connect-A-Bands! We recently used the small + medium ones connected in a circle in our therapeutic yoga group at the JD McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities. The kids LOVED it! Such a fun whole body way to experience group movement. These will be great to use in my work as a SLP to work on size, actions & spatial concepts. Many of my patients have Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and learn best when tapping into multiple sensory systems. Thanks for blessing me with these to use with our kids. Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2 Speech-Language Pathologist Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC – inclusive wellness activities for kids of all abilities Radiant Child Yoga Certified – Levels 1 & 2

Angela Moorad , MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2

Thank you so much Janet, I’ve been wanting to purchase one for some time and just didn’t have the funds. This is such an amazing product, fun and beautifully crafted, and my clients (old and young) can’t get enough of it. I’ve made entire group exercise sessions based around the stretchy band, and it always makes me so happy to see what people can do when they join together to achieve their goals. My kids also benefit so much from the cooperative experience and from creatively thinking of new ways to use it. I promise to share the love, as it will get tons of use and be shared with lots and lots of incredible people. Thank you!!

Ellen K. de Havilland, MT-BC

I recently debuted the NEW Connect-A-Band with a group of musical teachers. I can’t wait to connect 3 X-Large stretchy bands at the local park. What a wonderful community building excersise. Thanks Janet!!!

Cristal Garcia

Hi Janet ~ we love your props! They arrived on Saturday and we used them for decorations for Easter ~ see pictures ~ we intend to use them with the kids and will send along additional pictures when we do!! Thank you so much for sending them – they are lovely. The lovely yet sturdy Bear Paw Creek ~ Movement Props should be an essential tool in every OT, APE & movement & music therapists tool bag! Simply beautiful!

Joanne Lara

I absolutely love the balloon ball. This is the handiest ball I have ever had. I can just blow up a balloon, use the balloon ball in a group session, then deflate it and store it until my next group. It is not the big, bulky ball that I used to take along. I don’t have to worry if someone misses a pass or catch that they will get a ball on the head or face or whatever. With the balloon ball, it is a light bounce. It takes the fear from the playing ball, especially in my elderly groups. I use the ball for self-control: Pass the balloon ball only on a specific word in a song, such as, “She’ll Be Comin’ Around The Mountain” or “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” Pass the ball to ……………… for peer recognition, social interaction, memory skill, etc.

Vicki Gross MT-BC

I received a balloon ball for my daughters birthday and we love it. I love the way it makes balloons a safe option for even the youngest children. I was afraid to give balloons to the younger children before because I worried about them popping and the children choking on the little pieces. This product eliminates these worries for me. It also makes a nice light weight ball for little ones to play with.

Tracey Barker

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