Springtime Music and Movement

As of March 19, it’s officially spring!  I know around some parts of the USA, old man winter has shown up again, but here in Southwest Missouri, we have been enjoying beautiful weather. 

Julie of Serenade Designs sent me this great list of Springtime music and movement inspiration. Thank you!

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 8 Springtime Music and Movement Activity Ideas



1 –   Springtime Music for Elders (from JoAnn Jordan):

2 – Gardening Songs for Kiddos (from JoAnn Jordan):

3 – Grow, Flower, Grow (from Rachel Rambach):

The connect-a-stretchy band and Hub 8 are used in the following video.

4 – 5 Songs for Springtime (from Rachelle Norman):

5 – Sense-sational Activities: Springtime Sounds (from Amy Kalas Buser):

** Localization → can do with the rainbow streamers and following the SIGHT of the hoops shaking, hearing the rustle of the ribbons, feel the rainbow stretchy band move up and down to the music

6 – “You Are My Sunshine”

7 – “Rockin’ Robin”

8 – “Mister Sun”


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Checking out the fabric covered flower balloon ball

Checking out the fabric covered flower balloon ball!

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